Investment Services

Business Pillars

Investment Services

Our agenda is helping people and organizations to build wealth and at the center of it is the need to manage money well and make prudent investments with cashflow

Personal Financial Management

The whole aspect of planning and managing money in order to maximize on it. This is available as a training module and at an individual level

Investment Management

Determining the right investments to make given individual level of risk appetite

Paper Investments

We help you invest in stocks, bonds, gold and various digital and paper assets with good cashflow

Finance for Couples

This is a financial planning and investment program that targets couples exclusively. It’s available on a Two-day Financial Simulation for Couples or from 1 hour to half-day talks for couples.

Employee Financial Wellness Talks

This is a one to half-day talks to employees on how they can manage their lives in a way that grows their wealth

Business & Money Conversations

This is a monthly breakfast meeting that happens on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month for those who are keen on building thriving businesses and making solid investments.

InvestToday© can help you be a player in the Stock Market, Bills/Bonds Market, Real Estate, Digital Instruments among others. Besides, now you can invest in any Country in Africa with InvestToday©.